Wal-Mart Fitness Center - Bentonville, Arkansas


Miller Boskus Lack worked with a corporate client to create an impressive fitness center complex, planned for three phases of construction. The first phase of the complex is an addition and renovation to a 21,000 sq. ft. weight facility.   An additional 2,500 sq. ft.  was added to the current fitness space.  A mezzanine provides a walking track that overlooks an existing pool and fitness area.  The new pool facility completes the second phase of the complex. The first level, 34,000 sq. ft, houses the new 10-lane tournament pool, a classroom, four racquetball courts, a squash court and locker rooms  A second level, 20,000 sq. ft., houses  three classrooms, a pool viewing area and a spin  room.  The final component of the complex is the new tennis facility, 63,000 sq. ft., which includes a mezzanine for spectators to watch tournaments on the six indoor and six outdoor courts.